Traditional advertising & marketing techniques do not produce the desired results anymore. Consumers have a library of information at their fingertips that they can easily access from their laptops or smartphones in today’s world. That’s why, if you need to make an online presence, you can go for Content Marketing Services from One Place Technology.

The future of marketing is creating content, and it is genuinely valuable to everybody’s prospects. People nowadays want to create content that helps them make better decisions and establishes their company as the authority. If done right, you’ll find your website magically appearing on the first page of Google for relevant keyword searches. The following statistics show how content marketing can help you and your company:

  • Blogs of small businesses get 126% more lead growth than those small businesses without blogs posting
  • After reading custom content, around 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company
  • Content marketing not only costs 62% less but also generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing

So, you see, there’s no doubt that the most cost-effective way to grow your business and build your brand is content marketing.

Let’s see how One Place Technology can help you attract more customers with sales-driving content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Services at One Place Technology

As a content marketing company, One Place Technology creates, distributes, and monitors online content like blogs, infographics, videos, and many more. As a result, we provide our customers with increased website traffic, brand awareness, and online leads. We do all this by following the steps below:

1.Content marketing strategy development

After identifying the top content keywords in your market area and industry, we will analyze competitive content marketing to see how your current website content stacks up against your top competitors. We then make a content marketing strategy that helps increase sales and differentiate your brand.

2.Content audience deep-dive

Different audiences prefer different content types, so our next step is to deeply study your audience to discover what kind of content they like. After finding who your audience is, we will start to craft unique content they’ll love.

3.Content creation

The third step is to publish targeted, well-written website content optimized for search engines, including:

  • Site health & technical structure monitoring and optimizations
  • Blogs
  • Infographics and visual content
  • Improvements on existing pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Social posts, and more!

4.Content distribution

Having only amazing content won’t do your company any good; we need prospects to find and engage with it as well. We will optimize every content we create for your customers for search engines founded for related search terms. We can also combine your content marketing services with social media to take up online real estate as possible.

5.Content measurement and analytics reporting

We’ll provide you with the resulting content by tracking and measuring its performance over time. We will offer you easy-to-understand monthly reports on the status and results of all your content and how it affects your bottom line and branding efforts.

6.Campaign optimization & adjustment

The final step is to take the results and track the data and tweak your content. We’ll make adjustments to improve visibility with each report after learning something new about how your audience receives your content. The result is a continual wheel of sales-driving content that will enhance your brand visibility and the overall effectiveness of your content marketing.

For Best Content Marketing Services, Contact One Place Technology Now!

One Place Technology offers content marketing services engineered to achieve your business goals, from strategy development to content creation, publishing, distribution, and promotion. We deliver valuable content which our customers want. Our managing editors, writers, designers, and strategists will be ensuring that everything we create aligns with your business strategy.

So, to fuel your brand with results-driven, engaging content for your website, email campaigns, social media channels, and paid distribution, contact us now!

Content strategy is our game.


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